Saturday, September 01, 2007

happy birthday to me :-)

ian kennedy: first start, first win

here is a pic from yahoo. i have some lovely pigletty ones on my camera, but won't be able to post them until i get home monday night. the yankees won! which is good because poor old qpr lost again. a-rod got a home run in the first inning, and i shouted "happy birthday to me!"

yes, today i was at yankee stadium. let's go yankees! i decided that if i am prepared to pay broadway prices for broadway tickets, then i could jolly well pay them for a birthday seat in the house that ruth built. thank you to stubhub, and the nice man in their grubby little office at grand concourse & 164th. it is the first time i have ever been to a baseball game and not had to climb any stairs to get to my seat! and it was in the shade. halfway between 3rd base and the foul pole, about 30 rows back. luverly.

apart from the homer, my other favourite part was the final inning. m. called from san diego, utterly oblivious that it was a day i might expect a call from him :-) he called during the top of the 9th, when rivera struck out all 3 batters. let's go yankees! lucky m. had me calling the game down the phone to him then singing ny ny with frank sinatra :-)

and so to a new year. it's always good to have another chance for another beginning. plus there is still a week or so left of elul to check in with our friends, family and co-workers before we dare speak of divine forgiveness in our high holyday services. let's go!

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! Those Piglet shots are beyond adorable. As is the female Beefeater. Hope you had a good one and best wishes for many, many, many more.