Wednesday, September 05, 2007

returning owl of learning

the DeLeT term began last night, and our first full day of the week is tomorrow. strange to be on campus, even near the end of the day, and to see so many people. the sparse population of the summer gave us a sense that the school was ours, but no longer :-)

today, meanwhile, was the first day of being a student teacher for the ravaj. she met parents and students (one of the parents grew up in england and, bless him, knew of rabbi albert h z"l). she did a crayon and watercolour wash painting of something that could make the world more beautiful. she helped the students to learn how to walk quietly in the hallway. for the very first time in her school life anywhere ever she went inside the boys bathroom (it is part of the first day tour for all students). best of all, at recess she got to play football with noah.

i had such deja vu. this kid picked up a football and was dribbling a little but everyone else already had something to do. i volunteered to kick it around with him and we spent the rest of recess playing together. later, i looked at the dirt on my trousers and the scuffs on my shoes and suddenly heard my mother's voice from 35 years ago. 'i can't believe you were kicking things while wearing your good shoes!!' etc. i e-mailed her to tell her about it - plus ca change, eh?!

now i have to go and do my prep for tomorrow.

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