Monday, September 10, 2007

yankee ravaj

outside the house that ruth built

a-rod and his mates continue to have the best record in the majors since the all-star break. i have blogged lots of pics of the players. for my birthday, i treated myself to a shirt. i've always preferred the away shirt to the pinstripes. in my haste and exhilaration at finally getting a shirt after wishing for one for 30 years, i think i got one at least 2 sizes too big. nu - now i have a new dressing-gown to wear in the boston suburbs :-)

anyway, here is a total fan pic - me and my shirt @ the stadium after a yankee win. hip hip hurrah!

nb the white collar and blue of the t-shirt peeping out from under the yankee uniform is, of course a qpr shirt.

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