Sunday, September 16, 2007

some notes on indian english

the telegraph had a lovely piece today about how standard english is finally being replaced by indian english these days in india. read the analysis here. on this page, i present you with some of the examples for your edification and delight:

A glossary of the latest lingo as spoken on the streets of India

A driver, when asked what he does, may refer to his occupation as "drivery". He keeps his "stepney" (spare tyre) in the "dicky" (boot).

Teachress - a female teacher.

Timepass - a trivial activity that passes the time.

She freaked out last night - she had a good time.

Your lyrical missive has enveloped me in the sweet fragrance of our love - from a book advising lovers on how to write to girlfriends.

Pritam Singh has left for his heavenly above - a death notice.

Hue and Cry notice - title of police missing person newspaper advertisement.

Don't do nuisance in public - government admonition against urinating in public

In railway offices, a standard opening line in correspondence is: "Dear Sir, with reference to your above see my below."

A government official urged farmers in Rajasthan to grow "herbs in their backsides" (backyards).

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