Tuesday, January 22, 2008

bisodol is brilliant!

i am quite excited this evening. both of my north american housemates had acid indigestion, and i introduced them to the magic of bisodol powder. tums had failed, there were no purple pills available and pepto just felt doubtful. "this stuff is magic!" i said, "the moment it hits it starts to work. it tastes a bit foul so don't put in too much water, but i promise it will work." L2 swallowed, made a face, and pronounced me a witch. in a good way. hey, her current facebook entry says, and i quote directly from the page, "is loving English pharmaceuticals... they taste awful, but they work!" then L1 decided to try it, and admitted it had some effect. i'd like to thank the academy, and of course my mother (for buying me the box in the first place).

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