Sunday, January 20, 2008

suzanne pleshette r.i.p.

another smart, funny, gorgeous woman is gone. 'newhart' was not a well-known show in the uk, and i fell for suzanne pleshette via her turn as a schoolteacher in 'the birds'. waaaaay cooler than tippi hedren! she should rest in peace.

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more than emily hartley (fan site)

go read what ken levine has to say about suzanne pleshette. the link is at the top on the right (alphabetical by first letter). here is a taste of his eulogy:

"Sometime in the mid 70s Lorenzo Music, one of the creators of THE BOB NEWHART SHOW (and voice of Carlton the Doorman and Garfield the cat) and his wife Henrietta starred in a pilot. I went to the taping. For the big finale Lorenzo & Henrietta were joined on stage by the MTM all-stars. All the cast members from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, RHODA, PHYLLIS, maybe even PAUL SANDS’ FRIENDS AND LOVERS was that year. It was quite dazzling. Idols like Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore in her absolute prime. But the thing that struck me was how Suzanne Pleshette was so stunningly beautiful that it was almost like she was in color and everyone else was in black in white. She was simply radiant. Shimmering. Breathtaking. And all she did was just stand there.

If there is such a thing as star presence Suzanne Pleshette had it.

She passed away on Saturday. She was only 70. Don’t smoke."

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