Friday, January 04, 2008

geek of the week

when ravaj was recently in london, she visited mecca, aka loftus road the home of queens park rangers. since she arrived so terribly early at the stadium, she was able to soak up such elements of the atmosphere as the smells of the burger van behind the wall, stray groups of wandering colchester fans, and the arrival of the qpr players. despite the many recent loans and transfers, ravaj was still able to recognise a few heroes and, inspired by a 4-year-old boy, decided to celebrate with a couple of photographs:
here she is with the 'r's longest-serving player in the current squad. his name is gareth ainsworth, and he is often nicknamed 'gazza' or 'wild thing'.
and here she is with the team captain, adam bolder. since there are about 8 new players who joined the club in the last couple of days, he may not be the captain for much longer. at this moment, though, passers-by are still in awe of his very presence. or his scarf.

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