Sunday, January 13, 2008

julie christie wins a golden globe

when the movie 'away from her' came out earlier in the year, the ny times interview with julie christie noted her utter detachment from her ueber-stardom of the sixties and seventies:

"“I have no connection with that person at all,” she said over lunch in a pub near her home in the East End. “That person has gone.”"

years before i knew what i felt or why i felt it, i was in love with that screen icon. i searched the forest for the girl in 'fahrenheit 451' ... my troika followed lara's trail across a snowy russian landscape ... bathsheba everdene, lady marian ... a succession of stunningly beautiful and completely distant women drew me to them ... but that's a story for my shrink.

today christie wins a best actress award for a woman disappearing into the world of alzheimer's disease. i hear the film is excellent. my current inertia permitting, i hope to see it one day on dvd, and congratulate her on her achievement. meanwhile, i was thrilled to recognise her recently in the role of madame rosmerta in 'harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban' :-)

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