Wednesday, January 23, 2008

readers' response to ravaj

now and then we here at your_ears_should_hear like to share with you what we have heard about what you have thought about what you have read. this week, for your edification and entertainment, we present some commentary regarding the nature of football from continent to continent. a couple of days ago we received the following message:

"Protest of Anglo-centric reportage!

Dear Ravaj,

As a regular reader of your otherwise lovely blog I must protest your sports reportage!

All we see is pix of English "footballers"! Yesterday our Patriots (who play football, be-emmet) won the AFC playoffs and their 18th in a row! Not a word from you! Can this be a not-so-subtle attempt by a Yankees fan (FEH!) to undermine the morale of us locals here in Red Sox Nation!? As a "resident alien" you ought to have more respect for those of us with resident (more-or- less-permanent) status!

Sincerely yours,

S. Anthony A-----, D.D. (Hon.), Emeritus-in-Exile"

delighted that we have a reader (we have a reader!), we felt we should write a thank-you note, including in it some points of clarification:

"dear anthony sir

despite the aberrant fact of my birth occurring in manhattan, new york (thus making me no less alien than your good self), i have had the advantage of growing up in an environment where the queen's english was spoken. i therefore point out, with all due respect, that the game that i live and die for aka football is the one where the players use their feet (hence 'foot'ball, since they usually use one at a time). it is not the strange tribal war game in full body armour where players throw with their hands and catch with their hands and only use kicking with their feet as a last resort (either for the extra point, a field goal, or in anger).

with regard to this american version of football, may i also note that my favourite aunt, who hopes to become 83 this year, nearly had a heart attack whilst watching her beloved green bay packers last night. i fail to see why i should condone a (so-called) sport that besides being erroneously named is also a danger to the health of my loved ones.

yours sincerely
- dame ravaj of shepherds bush.

ps what the heck - go giants!"

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