Friday, January 04, 2008

getting psyched for the f.a.cup third round tomorrow

my beloved 'r's are going to the heartland of the enemy tomorrow, having been drawn against the infamous chelski in the 3rd round of the cup. with the advent of new shareholders that have more money than god, qpr are suddenly a hot story for the newspapers et al: chelscum and their oil-rich russian billionaire owner versus newbie high-rollers backed by their steel magnate and his money pots. i just hope our fans do not embarrass themselves by showing off in the shed tomorrow - waving UKP20 notes at the opposition and chanting stupid and provocative chants for the morons and the international television audience.

meanwhile, although we are bound to be tonked, here are some pics of GOALS and scorers from the last couple of games:

stewpeas celebrates his goal against leicester city on new year's day.

rowly blasts his second goal at vicarage road.

what's his name? he said to me. said his name is buzsaky. buzsaky, buzsaky, says his name is buzsaky.

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