Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Female Premier?

The result is too close to call, especially since Israel's system of proportional representation means that a coalition government must still be formed. However, for the first and only time since Golda Meir was Prime Minister in the 1970's, there is a chance that a woman will be called to lead the country. Her name is Tzipi Livni. Hurrah for Tzipi. Currently scandal-free, and supporting withdrawal from Gaza. An intelligent, working mother. I'd've voted for her.

Btw, in Israel one does not vote for a person but for a party. However, it would appear that the ripple effect of Obamamania has encouraged the media to present the election as a battle between personalities/party leaders. While I am really much more of a Labour/Meretz kind of voter with regard to party lines, there is no way I would want to see Bibi or Olmert back. Thus my choice.

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