Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Revelation by Geraldine James

Geraldine James for me is an actress that when I watch her at work, I think she is amazing - she was brilliant in Blott on the Landscape, she utterly overshadowed Dustin Hoffman with her Portia, she never seems to give a bad performance. Yet, when I do not happen to come across her in something, she does not come to mind at all. Now, however, she has made herself unforgettable with her performances in Little Britain as the breastfeeding mother of her adult son. I was therefore thrilled to read recently the truth about those breasts:

"... the 58-year-old Jewel in the Crown star has disclosed that the breasts the viewers saw were not her own. "They were prosthetic and made by the man who made the fat suit that Matt Lucas used when he played Bubbles," she says in the latest Spectator. "Like Bubbles's, they were low-slung, which was helpful because all I had to do was lift a tiny bit of my jersey and David could pile straight in." Miss James adds: "When I was asked to appear in the American version of the series, I asked if I would be getting the same pair. They told me: 'No, we have got you Nicole Kidman's.' "I wasn't sure if that was going to work – Miss Kidman is, after all, a lot thinner than me. I never did ask what it was that she had needed them for, but they still fitted pretty well.""

NB Not for the American of heart

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