Monday, February 16, 2009

Michelle Pfeiffer is back

Michelle Pfeiffer, a beautiful face from recent American movie history that has been absent for quite some time, is back on the radar this week as her new movie premiers at the Berlinale. Especially in Dangerous Liaisons, but in so many other films, I have, let us say, appreciated her pulchritude. As long, however, as she never appears as herself. I was so sad to discover, via an interview on The Ellen Show, that MP appears to be utterly vapid. Valley Girl vapid. I know I am being greedy when I ask for mental and physical luminosity, but it is possible. Emma Thompson. Kristin Scott Thomas. Ok, another American Blonde - how about Jodie Foster? And now Pfeiffer is starring in an adaptation of the Colette novel 'Cheri'. I am sure she will be gorgeous, especially in period costume again. I think, though, that I may skip the talk show appearances.

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