Sunday, February 22, 2009

From our Los Angeles Correspondent

"Prisoner sues over 'satanism interference' - An inmate in a Montana prison has filed a $10 million federal lawsuit alleging that jailers interfered with his satanic religious practices.

By Noam Friedlander in Los Angeles

Jason Paul Indreland, who is serving a three-year sentence at the Yellowstone County state prison for drug possession, claims jailers confiscated a medallion that is a "protective symbol" in his religion. Indreland says he has been a practising Satanist for the past decade. The lawsuit claims jail staff refused to return the medallion or allow Indreland access to a "Satanic Bible or Book of Satanic Rituals". The suit alleges that Yellowstone County jail staff placed "Christian greeting cards under (his) cell door," that said "Jesus was ready to save and accept him". The lawsuit also alleges that Indreland was denied medical care for his drug addiction, that he was placed in violent situations and that he suffered harassment and retaliation while incarcerated.

Indreland initially filed the handwritten federal lawsuit last March while he was still held at the jail. The lawsuit names as defendants the Yellowstone County Board of Commissioners, Sheriff Chuck Maxwell, Undersheriff Jay Bell and Sheriff's Capt. Dennis McCave, who oversees county jail operations. The lawsuit seeks $3 million for alleged civil-rights violations, $2 million for "the deprivation of his rights and injuries both mental and physical," and $5 million in punitive damages. County officials said they have not seen the lawsuit and could not comment."

I love this! Thank you, Noam. Only in America.

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