Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

Well, all the awards for films made in 2008 are over now I think. Here are the 10 moments that caught my attention:

1. Hugh Jackman can dance quite well.

2. There is no bad angle from which to shoot Angelina Jolie - whether the cameraman is kneeling at her feet shooting up her nostril, or allowing only her clapping hands to be seen in shot - she is totally stunning.

3. Maybe if Mickey Rourke had worn a tie he would have had a better chance of winning?

4. Worst camerawork was on the montage of the dead people - half the time the camera was dancing around so much the names were off-camera, and they totally missed Cyd Charisse.

5. Alicia Keys can pronounce foreign words quite well.

6. Brilliant Ben Stiller's impersonation of Joaquin Phoenix was, well, brilliant.

7. If Sophia Loren had had a better make-up artist she could have looked 20 years younger instead of only 10.

8. Thank you whoever decided to do the medley of the best songs!

9. I have a coat lining made of the same material as Whoopi Goldberg's dress.

10. Hurrah hurrah hurrah for Sean Penn's win as Harvey Milk!

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