Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Conchita Cintron RIP

I love women who break new ground with their careers. Conchita Cintron was one of the first women to become famous as a matador. Yes I am a vegetarian and think killing bulls for sport is cruel, so maybe she only gets four stars instead of five. I hated Margaret Thatcher all through her career, but I can still admire the ground that she broke. The New York Times wrote:

"CintrĂ³n was seriously injured in 1949 in Guadalajara, Mexico, when a bull gored her in the thigh. Carried to the ring’s infirmary, she pulled away from doctors, returned to the ring and killed the bull. She then fell unconscious and was rushed into emergency surgery. That same year in Spain, where a law prohibited women from dismounting to fight a bull on foot, she simulated the kill by touching the bull on the shoulders — where the sword would go — as it passed her, drawing cheers from the crowd."

Now wouldn't it be better if they all did it like that? *sigh*

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