Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mazal Tov to R. Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus!

Photo: Hara Person

This week the Central Conference of American Rabbis (the umbrella organisation for Reform rabbis in N. America) meets in Jerusalem for its annual convention. There, Ellen (seen above earlier today at a service by the Western Wall) will be installed as the second female leader of the oldest rabbinical association in the world. Apart from the fact that she is a member of two families dedicated to their Judaism for several generations, or that her father-in-law A Stanley Dreyfus z"l was my beloved teacher, or even that she is a cousin of my godmother in England; I want to shout out that she is a mensch. I have not met so many in my professional experience, and so I am delighted that she will be our leader for the next couple of years.

The Chicago Jewish News has a nice piece about her here.

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