Saturday, May 19, 2007

cup final saturday

this is traditionally the greatest day of the football season, even if you don't support either of the teams in the final. i guess it's a bit like the superbowl in national sporting importance. that is why, despite the unbelievably awful '80's hair, i share with you the moment i held the precious trophy: how did i get my hands on the f.a. cup? i did the team photoshoot the season after wimbledon-that-was won the cup. the commentator john motson asked me to take a pic of him with the cup for his dad. i said i would, on one condition, that he then took a pic of me with the cup for my dad. this was the photo of ravaj that my parents had on the mantelpiece with the ancestors. so laugh all you wish at the hair (which looked ok at the time don't forget) but i got to hold the fa cup!

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