Sunday, May 13, 2007

the thinker

last night in seattle, a young pitcher called matt desalvo got his first win for the yankees in his second game on the mound. put on waivers at the beginning of the year, nobody would take him, and he wound up staying in the nyy organisation. today, he is helping fill the holes in the yanks' crumbling pitching rotation. according to the yankees' broadcasters john sterling and suzyn waldman, matt also reads books. real books. last night john said he thought one should read books for enjoyment. why, then, did he and suzyn spend a lot of air-time pointing out what an oddball a reading ballplayer is in the locker room? i wonder how safe it is in the major-leagues to be out as a reader? today's ny times notes:

"The latest book being read by Matt DeSalvo is “The Quest For Christa T.,” by Christa Wolf, an author from the former East Germany"

somebody should be keeping a list of what he reads ...

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