Thursday, May 03, 2007

diana rigg chats to a times' fashionista

my father z"l was one of diana rigg's greatest fans, beginning with her role (and the leather catsuit she wore) as 'mrs peel' in 'the avengers'. he would also take my mother to see her whenever she appeared on the london stage. i sometimes wear the perfume bellodgia because that is apparently what she wore in those days and so my mother wore it sometimes and i liked it etc.

here is what dr had to say about that costume:

"The leather catsuit I wore in The Avengers was a total nightmare; it took a good 45 minutes to get unzipped to go to the loo. It was like struggling in and out of a wet-suit. Once I got into the jersey catsuits they were very easy to wear but you had to watch for baggy knees; there is nothing worse. I got a lot of very odd fan mail while I was in that show, but my mum used to enjoy replying to it. Some of the men who wrote to me must have been a bit startled because she would offer really motherly advice. I would get a letter from a teenage boy, say, who was overexcited and my mother would write back saying: “My daughter is far too old for you and what you really need is a good run around the block.”"

the whole article is here.

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