Sunday, May 06, 2007

the end of the season

and so it goes. qpr 1-1 stoke city. stoke get a late equaliser, but their playoff hopes are doomed. rowly scores for us, and the players who have been axed get a chance to say goodbye: furs, birch & paul jones. i have nothing else to say about the match because when i went to my computer at 10 am to start following it, i saw the final scores for matches that had begun 2 hours earlier! the good news was that the chels*** match was still to come, and i did enjoy their failure to win, thus handing the premiership title to united :-) meanwhile, qpr are safe for another year, we may have found a decent manager, we have a few decent players - roll on august!

nu - personal interest in the football matches to come not existing, it is time to turn the full strength of my fandom to my poor yankees. i don't get quite the same thrill as from a qpr goal, but it'll do :-)

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