Saturday, May 12, 2007

eurovision voting 2

serbia seem to be running away with this, and the uk still have nool pwun. the radio is now playing the most successful song from eurovision that never won. it is from 1958 and it is called 'volare'!

the announcer ken bruce is languidly complaining about the bloc voting, and has suggested that it may be time to separate the contest into east and west europe. i wonder which group will accept israel? the uk still at the bottom with zilch.

the next song by a eurovision loser is 'sam' by olivia newton-john. is it cool yet to have loved her forever? probably never :-) not only did i buy the album of xanadu, but auntie d has a copy as well. she does not remember how or why! anyway, onj lost to abba in 1974 so that's not so embarrassing. the uk still has a score of zero.

great excitement - the uk got 7 points. they did get them from ireland. i'm a bit disappointed, though, that they broke their duck. then malta voted the uk the best with 12!

we are near the end of the voting. three countries to go. who shall it be?!

with one country left, the winners are serbia. how boring. i wanted the ukraine to win
i think they finished 3rd. no, in fact they came in second!

goodnight from helsinki

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