Thursday, May 17, 2007

thursday thirteen xviii

Thirteen Things about Massachusetts

i'm about to move to waltham massachusetts for the year. i really don't know much about the state, except that gay marriage is legal there and a few years ago there was a bit of a problem about some tea or something ;-)

nu - i decided to google "massachusetts" and here is what i picked out:

1. good old wikipedia
2. native american massachuset on the state flag
3. the state tree is the american elm
4. here are the lyrics to the state polka
5. the lizzie borden murderabilia is in fall river
6. there is a bewitched statue in salem
7. dedham houses the museum of bad art
8. famous firsts and just about everything else to boast about
9. an escaped cow has become a folk hero at the sacred cow animal rights memorial in sherborn
10. the state's football team (i mean the one you play with your feet) is new england revolution
11. the senators for massachusetts are both democrats and both nationally known
12. barney frank is congressman for the 4th district
13. the highest point in the state is mount greylock

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  1. It has a state polka?! How can you resist? :)

  2. Enjoy MA [abbreviated because it's too early in the morning to spell the whole state properly]

    I would say RIP Reverend Falwell, but I somehow I think he got a very big surprise yesterday. ;)

  3. Interesting list. Good luck with your move!

  4. I want to visit Salem so badly! And now just all the more because I know there is a Bewitched statue.

    Happy TT!

  5. Uh, a state polka?? Is that a normal thing? Do all the states have them? This Canadian girl is curious.

  6. Well it certainly sounds interesting. How can you not like a state with elm trees, polka, witches, murders and sacred cows! :-)