Friday, May 11, 2007

eurovision tomorrow night!

how am i going to follow the competition? i am hoping to find it on the radio via the computer. will the ukrainian teevee come up tops? will scooch from the uk be the most embarrassing? the excitement is palpable (hey, i am sitting in a pile of boxes rescued from the supermarket crusher that need to be taped together. the most thrilling moment of the day is figuring out what to do with the books that are odd sizes!).

meanwhile, the times whets our appetites with the top ten funniest eurovision moments. pardon me while i go check it out.

back. i don't care what anyone says i still love lulu. this was the eurovision with which i grew up. it's not quite the same these days.

here is the 1984 winner. do not ask me what it means. just enjoy the pure clean fun :-)

finally for tonight, a recent winner for israel - dana international with 'diva'

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