Thursday, May 03, 2007

late at night she does another meme

via treppenwitz and his sister val i have just discovered shalom of jerusalem. she had this meme on her first page, and i liked it and here it is!

1. You have just been elected President of the United States. What are the first four things you would do in your new position?

a. i would bring our troops home
b. i would put the money saved from the war towards ending children's hunger in our own country
c. i would make alternative energy a number one priority
d. yes, shalom, definitely socialised medicine!

2. If you could live your life over, what one thing would you do differently?

i would have taken drawing lessons in my childhood

3. A Square Peg or A Round Hole, and why?

i am a square peg. can't help it. life is waaaay more difficult, but it teaches me more about relationship

4. Your very weathly Aunt has left you $100 million., with the caveat that you must build the house of your dreams anywhere in the world that your heart desires...Where would it be and what would it look like?

it would be on the oregon coastline. it would have a large deck that could be covered on rainy days so we could watch the waves and the seals. there would be a marvellous library below carved out of the rock, several guest rooms with their own bathrooms, all centred around a great hall with a fireplace and lots of comfy chairs and sofas.

5. Your wealthy Aunt also said: You may give a fabulous dinner party for 5 Famous people. But all of these famous people are no longer living....Who would your five Dream Dinner Guests be, and why?

a. madame de pompadour - the ultimate dream dinner guest for her charm, elegance, knowledge and great hostessing skills
b. douglas adams - for his humour and intelligence
c. eleanor roosevelt - i've always wanted to meet her :-)
d. katharine hepburn - as long as she and eleanor don't go off in a corner to compare notes
e. baruch spinoza - i'd like to hear the conversations he would have with the others

6. Dancer or Singer?

it is my dream one day to be able to dance without embarrassment. i can, however, sing in tune, albeit in a key in which nobody else is comfortable

7. Do you have a hidden talent that you wish you could pursue, and why?

back to the drawing - i think there may be hidden talent there, and i'd like to find it. i'm never going to be charles schulz or alison bechdel, but i'd love to feel able to start trying.

8. If you were told you had only six months to live, How would you spend them?

i would spend them with the people that i love, and i would eat as much chocolate as possible.

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