Thursday, May 31, 2007

good old gordon sumner

the police in 1983

with his stripey jumper and he used to be a schoolteacher o how i loved sting when i was a teenager. annabel weil said he lived on moscow road and some of us went up to stand there and look. i didn't go, i don't know why. i bought all 5 albums on vinyl when they came out. i also bought sting's first 2 solo efforts. this was my music.

24 years later

nu - the police are back together, and beginning a world tour. i am still listening to the 5 albums. have put them all on my i-pod. if only i had 11k for a decent seat at madison square garden. NOT! eleven thousand dollars?!!!!! maybe to hear mozart play ... maybe. bloody hell! if i were sting, i'd pay for the tix and make the people with more money than is good for them who wanted those seats give their 11k towards ending child poverty, or darfur, or finding cures for terrible diseases. i'd do it if i were andy summers! :-)


  1. Wow, your juxtaposing of those two photos was bloody brilliant. Speaking of which, have you heard that there is already trouble in paradise? I’m expecting fisticuffs before the tour ends.

  2. wishing i could take credit for the pix but alas it was not ravaj who did it. rather they came from an english paper possibly the daily mail. i was impressed and decided to share.