Sunday, June 03, 2007

a couple of updates ...

in the news this weekend:

bob woolmer NOT murdered

the telegraph says: "The family and friends of Bob Woolmer are "greatly relieved" after learning that detectives now believe the cricket coach died from natural causes. Following a 2½-month "murder inquiry" into their "revelations" that Mr Woolmer, 58, was poisoned and strangled during the Cricket World Cup, police in Jamaica are preparing to this week make a humiliating U-turn. A review of the case by Scotland Yard, using a Home Office pathologist, is understood to have concluded that Mr Woolmer died from heart failure and that the broken bone in his neck was caused by his subsequent heavy fall. His widow, Gill, and their two grown-up sons are understood to have cautiously welcomed the news."

no legume litigation for hugh

The actor won't be prosecuted for allegedly hurling baked beans at a photographer, Britain's Crown Prosecution Service said Friday. Grant, who also will not face charges for allegedly kicking the photographer, was arrested following the clash on April 24. "We have advised the police that there is insufficient evidence to charge Hugh Grant with any offense in relation to an allegation that he kicked a photographer," said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with department policy. "This is because there were clear discrepancies between the accounts of independent witnesses and those of the photographers involved," she said. "In relation to a second allegation involving a takeaway food container, the CPS decided that a prosecution would not be in the public interest."

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