Thursday, June 14, 2007

circle line piglet

the other day, we were invited to join our friends from stuttgart on the famous boat trip around the island of manhattan. since it was *ahem* c. 30 years since ravaj had taken that trip (of course she was practically a foetus at that time!), we were delighted to go. the view of the skyline without the towers is still unfamiliar and feels unfinished. here piglet takes a moment to think and remember:

our friends had never been to the usa before, and it was fascinating to hear their takes on the scenes and the commentary of the guide. in a nutshell, they commented that, according to our guide, everything was the largest or the highest or the oldest or the best in the country, if not in the world. they felt that was neither interesting or useful information for a guide to share. we all felt he talked too much about baseball, although for me it was mainly because he kept talking about the pittsburgh pirates instead of my beloved yankees. when we first caught sight of the house that ruth built, a few of us cheered. quite loudly.

anyway, it was a beautiful afternoon for a boat ride, and when we were decanted back at the pier we went back to the east village for a lovely dinner. piglet had a good time also, for this was his first circle. here you see him with a friend he made on the boat:

o poo - can anyone tell me how to rotate this pic in blogger? my desktop won't let me save it rotated! sorry about this ... they look cuter together when you don't have to crick your neck to see them!

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