Thursday, June 07, 2007

andorra 0-2 israel

roberto colautti scores for israel in their european championship match against andorra yesterday. who would believe that israel is above the (not so) mighty england in the table today? who would believe a game would be played in the weather conditions depicted above?

nu - as we all know, i am a super fan of football, english football in particular and especially my beloved queens park rangers. the question has been asked, and i may have answered it before, when israel play england for which team do i cheer? was thinking about it again today.

a. i've always been brought up to root for the underdog, so it would have to be israel.

b. if i were living in england, it might invoke some antisemitism amongst people with whom i have to live and work if i cheered for israel, so it would have to be england.

c. or not.

d. living in america, where in the north at least nobody really cares, i don't have to worry about other people's reactions, thus it could and would be israel.

e. israel picks some arab players also, e.g. walid badir & salim tuama, so i can cheer for one place at least where people work together without fear and terror.

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