Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the owl of learning (i)

ollie the brandeis owl

while the brandeis (american) football team appears to be called 'the judges', i like the owl, named after oliver wendell holmes jr.. l & i went to the campus bookstore, to check out the prices of our textbooks vs the ones she had just ordered from amazon, and for me the aged freshman geek to buy t-shirts for all the family:

it was a fine and sunny day. we applied for parking permits, and checked in at the health centre, where i discovered that my port woebegone doctor had sent in a shoddy report. i was immediately scheduled for tetanus and hepatitis b shots, one in each arm for balance, and ordered to return after lunch to be jabbed.

duly jabbed, we headed for target, and plastic storage bins to deal with the lack of shelving in my room. this evening, the place is almost habitable. almost. not invite-somebody-over tidy. more kind of i-can-see-the-floor-and-sleep-on-the-bed tidy. this is a big change from yesterday. hurrah for plastic!

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