Tuesday, June 12, 2007

jerusalem pride latest

yahoo/planet out/gay.com report:

"A group of ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews is attempting to thwart a gay rights rally in Jerusalem, planned for June 21, by placing a curse on Pride participants. The group is also promising a huge anti-Pride rally. A group of rabbis from the Eda Haredit sect published a warning Sunday saying, "To all those involved, sinners in spirit, and whoever helps and protects them, may they feel a curse on their souls, may it plague them and may evil pursue them; they will not be requited of their transgressions from heavenly judgment." The letter further threatened: "Know what happened to the evil persons who were cursed, and thus feel in your souls that your end will be bitter."

Last year's festivities were marred by members of the Haredi sect, who created a massive uproar, blocking roads, setting trash bins on fire and throwing rocks at police. The Pride parade was canceled and a rally held instead in a heavily guarded sports stadium. In 2005, a member of the sect stabbed three Pride participants.

Although this year's parade has preliminary approval, it is still possible for authorities to halt the controversial event. Pride organizers Jerusalem Open House plan to take the decision to Israel's High Court of Justice if the parade is banned. "The Orthodox curses and their refusal to commit to non-violence prove that this is not just a Pride parade but a fight for Israeli democracy, freedom of expression and for the capital city, which is everyone's city," said Noa Satat, head of Jerusalem Open House. "We call on the mayor and prime minister to immediately condemn the threats of violence and protect democracy in this country." (Hassan Mirza, Gay.com U.K.)"

another naive comment from ravaj - i just don't get why violence is considered an appropriate response to that with which one does not agree. less naively perhaps, i also say that if olam haba/the next world aka a jewish view of heaven is going to be full of these haredim then i am quite happy not to be joining them and look forward to eternity with those i love and who love me wherever else that may be.

finally, if you are looking for a good curse, my favourite is:

May You Be Like A Chandelier!

(thgin lla nrub dna yad lla gnah)

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