Friday, June 08, 2007

bad moon rising

from the times last wednesday:

"I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way
by Michael Horsnell

Extra police officers are to be deployed on the streets this summer after research established a direct link between the full moon and violence. Analysts at Sussex Police found a rise in unruly incidents at full moon while investigating external factors that influence people’s behaviour. Together with the most common paydays, the full moon was identified as a particular time when aggressive behaviour rose among drinkers in pubs and nightclubs in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.

Inspector Andy Parr ... admitted that the idea might sound fanciful, but he added: “There are many things we are still learning about. The Moon has a strong influence on tides and magnetic forces can influence people’s psyche.”

In 1998 a three-month psychological study of 1,200 inmates in the maximum security wing at Armley jail, Leeds, discovered a rise in violent incidents in the days before and after a full moon.

Superstitions involving the Moon can be traced back centuries. In the 17th century, Sir William Hale, the Chief Justice, was explicit about the connection between the Moon and a person’s mental state: “The Moon has great influence on all diseases of the brain, especially dementia.” As well as madness, the full moon was associated with lycanthropy, in which a man becomes a werewolf. People are also more likely to be or to feel ill. Research at Leeds University found that the number of requests for GP consultations rose by 3.6 per cent when the moon was full.

But for all the studies that claim to have found a link between the lunar cycle and human behaviour, no one has been able to explain it. Some believe that, as humans are mostly made of water, lunar gravity pulls us in the same way as it does the sea.

The next full moon is on June 30."

i am definitely drawn to the idea that because we are mostly made of water, lunar gravity creates tides within us!

article by 2 toronto psychiatrists
google list of books on full moon & human behaviour

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