Sunday, June 17, 2007

boston, bourgeois and being there

"maman" by louise bourgeois

so i made it! exhaustion seems quite energetic compared to how d and i felt today. it took about 8 hours to load the truck in the end, mainly because i was still packing as we were loading. the traffic was terrible everywhere, and we reached waltham around 10 pm. we spent the night in the home of d & t, d being my d's ex. lesbians have interesting relationships y'know ...

i am now sitting in my new room surrounded by the corpses of unpacking - torn bin-liners* and half-empty boxes. much to do, but it cannot be done now since i just got online for the first time since thursday. but i am here, and my new life has begun. hurrah.

meanwhile, what's with the spider up top is that after d & i dropped my d off at the station to go back to nyc, we went to the ica. o dear - too many initials, especially without punctuation, are a sure path to reading-enteritis. sorry. there was an exhibition of louise bourgeois (a name new to me) that d wanted to see and so we went. one room was full with this gigantic spider. i thought it would be lovely to put a table underneath it and hold a dinner party there. it was my favourite sculpture, and when i googled the artist i found this link on the bbc.

and the yankees are beating the mets. a great first full day here at #72a.

* translation = garbage bags

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