Monday, June 04, 2007

great news from oz!

m from melbourne just posted this press release on the dayenu list.

while the 2000 ccar resolution at the convention in greensboro ended up terribly watered down from the original version presented by the women's rabbinic network, it was still the first, and ground-breaking, step. having been present at the sydney mardi gras celebration also in 2000, which marked the first time g/l/b/t jews had come out in the parade as jews, i am thrilled to see this step taking place in oz. i was invited to the parade because at that time there was no other rabbi in the country able or willing to march. things are so different now. hip hip hurrah!

being interviewed for israeli tv before the parade. front & left is the back of the amazing woman who brought me over with her air miles and put me up at her house for a week.

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