Thursday, June 14, 2007

thursday thirteen xix

Thirteen Things about Movers and Moving

today the movers came to take the stuff i am sending to live in some containers for a while. what is left behind must be crammed by me and d. into a van and my car so we can drive off tomorrow and say goodbye to port woebegone. here are some thoughts about this morning's experience.

1. the sound of the sofa being shrink-wrapped makes a peacock sound lyrical.
2. movers may look scrawny but they are bloody strong!
3. why did i not start packing earlier? i did?
4. there are enough tins of garbanzo beans in my cupboard to survive a (short) war.
5. movers get first dibs on your kerbside castaways.
6. why are all my dust bunnies purple?
7. i didn't realise that i had so many cd's/books/paperclips
8. ultra-sticky wrapping tape dances to the tune of the moving men
9. what do i do now there's nothing to sit on?
10. just found what used to be my favourite shirt!
11. by the end you chuck out anything that does not fit in a box. (the neighbour's cat is missing)
12. when the movers have gone, you find a whole lot of other stuff that should have gone with them.
13. it is only when the movers have gone that you realise your favourite sex toy was drying off right next to the sink where they washed their hands.

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  1. But why were all your dust bunnies purple? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen.

  2. some possible ideas come to mind:

    the hole in the ozone layer is turning my skin cells violet?

    tinkywinky has been shedding in my apt?

    i am colour blind?

  3. dude, why is it that garbanzo beans tins multiply like that? I have the same problem and I started out fresh. it wasn't like i just brough that which I had in one house to the next. I sold everything, moved across the ocean and stared anew and I still have too many garbanzo beans.

    moving sucks ass. the last three hours in the old place are the worst.