Sunday, June 10, 2007


my favourite building in the world

spent last week going into the city to say goodbye to friends, but it didn't seem real that i was about to leave my beloved nyc to move to boston of all places. i've been warned not to wear my yankees t-shirts, ESPECIALLY any referring to johnny damon. also, i should remove the yankee cap from my car window if i want the window to remain whole. still surrounded by an ineluctable procession of cardboard boxes, all i can think is that if i am supposed to give up bagels for health reasons (massive carb reduction necessary for blood sugar levels), moving 200 miles from new york seems a bit drastic.


anyway, even if i lived on the same street as the chrysler building for the rest of my life, i have to tell you that each time i see it i get this nanosecond of joy and a goofy grin.

" ... (the chrysler building) became the star of the New York skyline, thanks above all to its crowning peak. In a deliberate strategy of myth generation, Van Alen planned a dramatic moment of revelation: the entire seven-storey pinnacle, complete with special-steel facing, was first assembled inside the building, and then hoisted into position through the roof opening and anchored on top in just one and a half hours. All of a sudden it was there—a sensational fait accompli."

— Peter Gossel and Gabriele Leuthauser. Architecture in the Twentieth Century. p209."

enough with the adulation - back to the boxes.

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